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Ethopia is a small game on the Ethereum blockchain, loosely based on civilization games of the past. The goal is to build up a kingdom, to increase the spirit and prestige of your town.
In order to build your city, you must collect resources. You can get those from buildings, or you can go to the marketplace where you can sell and buy resources for eth.

Build your Kingdom

Building costs resources. There are 5 basic resources, and 16 special items. In the "build" menu, you can see all the buildings available, what they cost and what they provide. Some buildings will provide resources, while other buildings will provide spirit or prestige.
In order to run your town, the population must match the size. For every House in your town, you can build 3 other types of buildings.

Expand your Kingdom

When your town grows, you will need to expand the city limits. You can to this in the menu "Expand", where you can choose which direction you would like to expand your town in.

Collect resources and items

Resources and special items can be collected from buildings, or purchased on the marketplace. Basic resources (food, wood, stone, iron and gold) can be collected from buildings every hours. Special items can be collected every 3 hours. To do so, go to the menu "Claim resources" and select the option you like. To see your resources, click the "Inventory" menu on the left.

Trade at the marketplace

The marketplace allows a user to sell and buy resources and special items. You set your own price, or purchase any item listed on the marketplace. You can only sell one of each item at a time.
When you sell an item, 5% fee is divided between the owner of the game (3%), the current king(1%) and the current queen(1%).

Become the king or the queen of Ethopia

Ethopia has a king and a queen. The user with the most spirit becomes the king, and the user with the most prestige becomes the queen. The king and the queen each benefit from 1% tax on every sale on the marketplace.
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